Hotel Industry is one of the most important enterprises particularly in an over-populated country like India with regard to employment for a few millions and revenue generated for the national exchequer. Concomitant to this, hotel is a place where boarding and lodging facilities are provided to the travelers. Hotels are the backbone of the tourism industry; and hospitality industry being a major segment of the tourism industry fetches not only huge foreign exchange but also offers a huge number of employment opportunities.

Types of Hotels

Hotels fall into various categories such as International Hotels (star categories), Commercial hotels, Residential hotels, Resort Hotels, Floating hotels, Capsule hotels, Heritage hotels, Time share / Apartment hotels and Paying guest accommodations.

International Hotels are the western style hotels located in almost all metropolitan and other large cities as well as principal tourist centers. These hotels are mostly owned by public sector companies and controlled by the board of directors. These hotels are luxury hotels classified on the basis of Internationally accepted norms of classification.  The hotels are classified as Star categories of hotels ranging from Five star to Single star depending upon the facilities and services available.

Commercial hotels – Commercial hotels receive guests who mostly visit for business purposes. As these hotels cater primarily to people who visit a place for business, they are located in important industrial centers, large towns and metropolitan cities.

Residential Hotels – These types of hotels are sometimes apartment homes with hotel services. These are often referred to as apartment hotels.

Resorts Hotels – Resort hotels are located near Sea, Mountains and other areas abounding in natural beauty. Rest, relaxation and entertainment are the key factors around which resorts are built. The Resort hotels provided special services to the visitors.

Floating Hotels – These types of hotels are located on the surface of water either on sea or on lake. In India, Floating hotels in the form of house boats are very popular.

Capsule Hotels– These types of hotels cater mainly to the business travelers. They are located adjacent to the major transportation centers.

Heritage Hotels – The concept of heritage hotels was introduced with a view to convert the old palaces, havelies , castles, forts and residences built prior to 1950 into  accommodation units as these traditional structures reflect the ambience and life style of the bygone era and are immensely popular with the tourists.

Time share/Apartment hotels – Time share is a holiday  ownership concept, where you can pay annual charges for vacation in any of the  hotels or resorts for a life time or for a couple of years  & you share the cost of property with others buyers;  in return you receive a guaranteed amount of time at the property each year. This concept is one or two decade old and has been operating successfully throughout the world.

Paying guest accommodation and guest houses – House owners having lettable rooms of reasonable standards are approved as paying guest accommodations.

Government support

 The government of India has taken several steps with a view to enable the hotels augment their internal finances and foreign exchange earnings. Attractive tax concessions have been given under Income tax act 1961, in form of tax holidays on a portion of profits of new hotels in rural areas, and liberalized depreciation policies on plant, machinery & building, so as to enable them to generate employment in urban and rural areas. India is the fifth largest economy in the world and aims to be the third which will lead to an enhancement in the cross-border trade; this will augment opportunities for careers in the Travel and Tourism industry.

Careers in the Travel and Tourism Industry.  

The hospitality sector has seen a surge over the past few years especially after the pandemic. Also the youth of the country is ever more interested in making a career in this line as it is one of the many creative options and provide a chance to explore the world in different ways.

              Department Of Hotel Management, Jagannath Institute of Management Sciences Vasant Kunj – II, is one of the pioneer Institutions in Delhi that provides best placements ever since its inception. The Institution with modern infrastructure and highly skilled team of faculty provides knowledge and enhances leadership skills with the right attitude because right attitude breeds discipline. Training programs, workshops and vast industry exposure further gives the students confidence to become  successful future professionals. After successfully completing bachelor degree in Hotel management, the students are placed in well renowned five stars hotels.

Chef Rajesh Kumar

Assistant Professor

Department of Hotel Management

Jagannath Institute of Management Sciences