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Faculty Development Programs

FDP on Research Methods and Data Analysis using SPSS & AMOS



JIMS Kalkaji organized a one-week Faculty Development Programme (FDP) on ‘Research Methodology and Data Analysis Using SPSS & AMOS’ in association with QT Analytics, a statistical consulting, training and education provider. The FDP was conducted by professional experts and eminent academicians from 22nd – 27th May in our Kalkaji Campus. Participants varying from research scholars to academicians and industry experts were from reputed corporates like National Stock Exchange and colleges like Ramjas College, Institute of Economic Growth and Bhimrao Ambedkar College, Delhi University, Kurukshetra University, PAU, Ludhiana, University of Lucknow, BR Ambedkar University, Delhi, Amity University, DAV Institute of Management, Faridabad, BVIMR, New Delhi, Periyar College, Greater Noida , Amity University. Dr. (Cdr.) Satish Seth, Director General JIMS Kalkaji and Dr. J. K Batra, Director JIMS Kalkaji welcomed Dr. Prabhat Mittal , QT Analytics, all the delegates and resource persons like Dr. Neelam Tandon, Associate Professor, JIMS Kalkaji, Dr. Timira Shukla, , Professor, JIMS Kalkaji and Dr. Preeti Singh, Professor, JIMS Kalkaji. They spoke on elements of ‘Good Research’ and importance of research methods and statistics in the field of research. The FDP focused on skill development for Data Management by using statistical software packages like IBM SPSS 19.0 and AMOS. The training modules were specifically designed to provide comprehensive information about research methods, developing research proposals, hypothesis testing and data mining by using regression analysis. The programme emphasized on hands-on training in the SPSS lab. The tools and techniques pertaining to ANOVA, Chi-square tests, Regression analysis, Factor Analysis and SEM were covered in depth with exercises, assignments and presentations to make the session interactive. The one-week FDP came to an end with a formal valedictory session which was graced by Prof. (Dr.) V. K Kaul, Professor of Business Economics, Head and Dean, South Campus, Delhi University. He addressed the participants about the importance of research in teaching career and appreciated the institute efforts in organizing such a research workshop. He along with the Director General, Dr. (Cdr.) Satish Seth and the Director, Dr. J. K Batra distributed certificates and momentos to the participants. The Programme Convener, Prof. (Dr.) Timira Shukla proposed a vote of thanks to all the participants for their inputs and experience-sharing at the end of the programme.

FDP on Case Based Methodology



A Faculty Development Program on ‘Case Based Methodology’ was organized by JIMS Kalkaji on Saturday, 6th May 2017. Prof. Harsh V. Verma from FMS, Delhi University and Dr. Ekta Duggal from Moti Lal Nehru College, Delhi University conducted the program. Dr. (Cdr.) Satish Seth, Director General JIMS Kalkaji and Dr. J. K. Batra, Director, JIMS Kalkaji welcomed the guests. The main purpose of this FDP was to train participants in participant centered case based methodology of engagement in class. Prof Harsh Verma in his first session explained the importance of achieving effectiveness in the class through case study in a teaching programme. He highlighted how the role of case based methods is different from other methods thereby explaining its suitability in classroom teaching. In the second session, Dr. Ekta Duggal discussed the manner in which a case should be explained to the students and analyzed so that they get a fairly good idea of the path through which the analysis can be developed. The case study by her was “Comparison between different kinds of pampers for babies”. The third session was conducted by Prof Harsh Verma who explained how to develop and write pathological and decision cases. In the last session he took up a case on “Veet- From Sticking to Knitting to knitting to Stick”. Finally he summarized the proceedings. Overall the session was very informative, interactive and well presented.

FDP on Researching Emerging Markets for Enhancing India’s Exports in Goods and Services



FDP on Researching Emerging Markets for Enhancing India’s Exports in Goods and Services’ by JIMS in association with FIEO on Thursday, 15th Dec 2016. Dr. Tamanna Chaturvedi from IIFT was the Guest Speaker for the FDP. She emphasized that in order to be successful in International Markets, Indian firms need to explore Emerging Markets in Africa, South East Asia and South America

FDP on Social Media

A Faculty Development Programme on ' Social Media ' was conducted at JIMS Kalkaji on 2nd December, 2016 by Dr.Seema Aggarwal . The main objective of the programme was to provide necessary training for facilitators to implement Social Media. The programme focused on the specific knowledge and skill requirements such as creative thinking and communication to handle the different platforms of the social media.

FDP on Educating the Entrepreneurs

A Faculty Development Programme on ' Educating the Entrepreneurs ' was conducted at JIMS Kalkaji from 13th- 15th July, 2016 in association with National Entrepreneurship Network (NEN). The programme was designed to facilitate the educators of entrepreneurship to bring innovation into the classroom and thereby motivate the students into considering the option. The concept of online teaching and App – based learning and interactive methodology related to various facets of entrepreneurship viz opportunity recognition, business modeling and business plan went a long way in blending the theory with the practice. The programme was ably conducted by eminent NEN facilitators, Mr Raj Bhatt and Mr Sanjay Kapoor. The main objective of the programme was to provide necessary product training for facilitators to implement Entrepreneurship Educator’s Programme (EEP. The programme focused on the specific entrepreneurial knowledge and skill requirements such as creative thinking, communication, risk taking and resilience and helping students to become successful entrepreneurs creating new job opportunities. The overall objective of the programme was achieved by creating the necessary platform for teachers to contribute to the entrepreneurial eco- system on their respective campuses.

FDP on Research Methodology

A faculty development program has been conducted on 20.06.2016 at JIMS Kalkaji on Research Methodology and Data Analytics using SPSS & EVIEWS. This FDP was aimed at honing the teaching and research skills of faculty, researchers and trainers. Research is a vanguard in the management education and fresh knowledge with updated issues should be developed from time to time. Knowledge of applied research tools and methodology , will help to inculculate confidence in the usage of data analytics tools. Training on Statistical Packages SPSS & EVIEWS will greatly enchance research and publication skills of the faculty.

Special Lecture under the "JIMS Distinguished Campus to Corporate"

A Special Lecture on "International Entrepreneurship Strategy, Export Effectiveness, Born Globals/Internationalizing SMEs" The resource person of the lecture was Dr. Manek Kirpalani on 10th June'16 at JIMS Vasant Kunj. Sir delivered a splendid talk on National GDP and its repercussions. He gave the faculties an insight of National GDP growth rate and what factors should be also further included while considering it.

FDP on "The case study method of teaching"

A faculty development program has been conducted on 31.12.2015 at JIMS Kalkaji. The resource person of the FDP was Prof (Dr.) Ajay Pandit from Faculty of Management Studies, New Delhi. Sir delivered a splendid talk on "The case study method of teaching" and discussed a case on "A fall before rising: The story of Jai Kumar (A)". He also gave tips on conducting a successful teaching and learning programme. He also highlighted on the concept of teaching as science or an art and the skills necessarily required for a case based teaching. He indicated the importance of participative and collaborative learning along with learning from failures and learning from past experiences of self and others. 

FDP on "Basics of writing a Research Paper"

A faculty development program on 'Basics of writing a Research Paper" was conducted on 30th June 2015 by Dr.Tariq Ashraf, University of Delhi (South Campus). Faculty members from all JIMS campuses participated in the FDP. The FDP started with discussion on how to frame a research paper with suitable objectives, literature review, pen research findings and conclusion. Various styles of citation were also explained. He also talked on the "Role of E-resources in Teaching Learning and Research" and focused on a number of online databases of research study.


FDP on “Applications of Research techniques in Management”

An FDP was conducted on "Applications of Research Techniques in Management" on Tuesday, 13th January 2015 by Dr. Namita Rajput, Associate Professor in Commerce, Sri Aurobindo College, University of Delhi. The focus was on the research techniques which should be applied to test the hypothesis. She explained research tools, the regression model, its benefits, applications and limitations. She also explained the testing method as to what was the best fit while applying the model. The participants did the exercise simultaneously on their laptops step by step through EXCEL and gained enough knowledge to apply the tests on practical and real situations.



FDP on "Opportunities for Research in Social Sciences with ICSSR”

An FDP on "Opportunities for Research in Social Sciences with ICSSR" was conducted on Friday 19th Dec, 2014 by Dr. Reena Marwah, Senior Academic Consultant, ICSSR Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India. The focus was on funds available with ICSSR and on the various subject disciplines and priority areas in which these could be granted to Researchers and Institutions. Dr. Reema told that ICSSR has several priority areas of research and even travel grants are given for paper presentations in International Conferences abroad. ICSSR provides fellowships to individuals in various categories such as doctoral, post doctoral and senior fellowships.



FDP on “Team Building"

An FDP on "Team Building" was conducted on Friday 01st Aug 2014 from 1000 to 1230 hours by Dr. Kavita Singh from FMS, Delhi University. The FDP was most effective as it created awareness of the need to develop key team building skills which are essential for managers. The session was marked by conduct of a simulated activity session wherein the tenets of team building were practically communicated. An important lesson drawn was that a good team must be able to identify the issues faced and address the challenges directly so as to reap the benefits of synergy. Overall it was an interactive session and very stimulating.



FDP on “Motivating the Motivators"

A faculty development program on the topic "Motivating the motivators" was conducted at JIMS, Kalkaji on 4 March 2014 by an eminent professor of Delhi University, Dr. Vinod Kumar. It was a highly interactive session focusing on the methodologies to be used by the faculty members in order to make teaching interesting and motivating for students. It was an interesting session full of practical examples and videos. Dr. Vinod Kumar highlighted that in the current economic scenario which is characterized with Liberalization, Globalization, technological advancement and cross-cultural diversity etc. the teachers are also required to update their knowledge continuously. He advised the teachers to be the mentors and become Role Models for the students leading them to the path of success.



FDP on “Creating Awareness of Entrepreneurship amongst Students"

A Faculty Development Programme on "Creating Awareness of Entrepreneurship amongst Students" was conducted on 7th September, 2013 by Mr. Vikas Rajput, Entrepreneurship Educator. Faculty members from all JIMS campuses participated in the FDP. Mr. Rajput spoke on various issues like obstacles in starting up an entrepreneurial venture, financing options and evaluating risk factors. The FDP envisaged transformation of an unemployed youth into a budding entrepreneur, backed by encouragement and guidance of faculty members. Mr. Rajput provided insights to the faculty members on exploring the option of starting a small business enterprise which may be a manufacturing or service oriented unit.



FDP on “SPSS and its Applications"

Faculty Development Programme on Staistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) and its applications was conducted on 2nd March 2013.